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DNA Array Oligo
DNA Array is the method to detect many genes by immobilizing DNA fragments on the basal plate
( for example, slide glass & others) and to hybridize complementary DNA chains against them.
Characteristics of DNA Array is that it can analyze thousands of genes by only one assay.
The method to immobilize DNA fragments on the basal plate is divided into one type to synthesize oligonucleotide on the basal plate and the other type to spot DNA Oligos synthesized in advance.
We supply customers with spot-type DNA Array Oligo.
In case we immobilize already-synthesized DNA Oligos, we can supply DNA Oligos up to about 70 base.
We will supply you with high-purity product ( OPC Grade: more than 90%, HPLC Grade: more than 95%).
Characteristics of DNA Array Oligo
  1. Dimers are hardly formed due to Salt Free Oligo®
  2. We can supply you with comparatively long chain DNA Oligos about 70 base.
  3. We can supply high-purity DNA Oligos such as OPC grade: more than 90% and HPLC grade: more than 95%.
  4. We accept to supply unmodified DNA Oligos and amination modified 5'terminal.