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Synthesis by brought-in reagents
We are happy to synthesize DNA Oligos into which brought-in reagents are introduced. So far, we have been experiencing introducing artificial nucleic acid with which various modified bases are bound as well as fluorescent dye. It is possible to introduce them at the terminal of base sequences or in the halfway of base sequences.
Structure of brought-in reagents
Modification of base part
DMT: dimethoxytrityl base
Please send us phosphoramidite structure as the illustration on the left. By forming to this structure, it becomes possible to insert brought-in reagents into DNA chains by DNA synthesizer. Also, this structure can be introduced into 5' and 3' terminal as well. It is also possible to undergo HPLC purification making DMT base at 5' terminal as target.
Modification of 5' terminal
Please send us phosphoramidite structure as the illustration on the left. Above illustration is the case of modifying 5' terminal containing base part and deoxyribose link. Below is the illustration to enable binding of modified base only having no base part and deoxyribose link to 5' terminal of DNA chains via phosphodiester bond.
As it is being exposed to acid repeatedly during synthesis, it is necessary to introduce protective group to the part where change will be caused under acid condition. Also, protecting group should be taken off after synthesis by cutoff and deprotection from solid phase support. In the ordinary case, heat treatment will be given under alkali condition at the time of cutoff and deprotection.
We are happy to consult with our customers regarding prices depending on the number of synthesizing tubes, synthesis yield and yes or no of purification process. And, if customers wish to undergo purification process by themselves, we can deliver the products after cutoff and deprotection or in solid phase as they are.
If you have any questions, please inquire us.