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ATTO Series, Lineup of Fluorescent Dyes and Quenchers
ATTO Series are reagent materials which are manufactured by ATTO-TEC GmbH.
[ Fluorescent Dyes by ATTO-TEC ]
These dyes are characterized by high extinction coefficient, high fluorescence quantum yield and high photo-stability.
These dyes have wide lineup, so, can be selected among 32 kinds, from "ATTO 390 (λabs = 390 nm, λfl = 479nm)" to "ATTO 740 (λabs = 740nm, λfl = 764nm").
[ Quenchers by ATTO-TEC ]
These quenchers are characterized high extinction coefficient, high photo-stability and good water solubility.
[ Double Labeled Probes using ATTO Series ]
These series have 18 kinds lineup for available three quenchers, so, you could select a proper fluorescent dye as close as possible to the wave length range of your real-time PCR instrument.
We have lineup of combinations of fluorescent materials and quenchers for Double Labeled Probes as follows.
* Please contact ATTO-TEC GmbH if you would like to manufacture and sell
  "Commercial Kits for both research use and IVD" using oligonucleotides prepared by us.
* Please contact us in reference to license for 5' Nuclease Assay of Double Labeled Probes.
Please feel free to ask about prices and delivery time.
(* Please order probes in this column by e-mail.)

[ Lineup of ATTO Fluorescent Dyes, Combination of these dyes and Quenchers by ATTO Series ]

ATTO Series Lineup