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Acridinium-labeled Oligo
Acridinium is one of the luminescent materials. It is considered that Acridinium labeled on DNA Oligos is easy to decompose and unstable , so that it is difficult to handle and label it on DNA Oligos. Therefore, we improved every step from binding reaction to purification and made it possible to bind Acridinium to DNA Oligos.
Acridinium-labeled Oligos is decomposed by trigger solution ( in this case by hydrogen peroxide under alkali condition ) and irradiate light of 430 nm in a short time without catalyst. This luminescent light can be detected by luminometer.
Luminescent analysis using Acridinium so on is superior to fluorescent analysis that there is no variation of intensity of light source by time, scattering of excitation light and fluorescence deriving from impurities of samples. Application of luminescent light to DNA Probe assay will be expected by enabling labeling Acridinium to DNA Oligos.
Luminescent Wavelength: 430 nm
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