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Genotyping Analysis
We undergo analysis by HybProbe method.
We make custom-made optimization for HybProbe design from genomic-DNA sequence
which including targeted SNP. And we will synthesize it.
After we verify that the HybProbe function is working using genomic DNA,
we will analyze SNP of your sample and report the results.
Analysis SNPs of Integrin α2 gene C807T (Thromb Haemost 2001;85:226-30)
Samples of possible contract analysis
MaterialsConditions of collection * 1Preservation Method * 2Way of MailingSend-out volume
BloodPlease collect blood by EDTA blood collection tube Cold Strage
(Strage Period: within 7days)
Cold Stragemore than 200µL
Frozen Strage
(Strage Period: within 8days)
Frozen Strage
Oral MucosaCollect sample with swab. Please scratch with swab more than 5 times.Frozen StrageFrozen Strage -
hair rootPull out hair with unpolluted hand and put it into the tube. Please confirm that the hair has hair root. Frozen StrageFrozen Stragemore than 5 tubes
CellEliminate the supernatant after collecting cells by centrifuge.Frozen StrageFrozen Strage more than 106cells
Tissue-Frozen StrageFrozen Stragemore than 10mg
DNA-Frozen StrageFrozen StrageConcentration 10ng/µL
Volume more than 30µL
* 1 Please consult us if you collect the samples by the method other than the above.
* 2 Please store the samples immediately after collection.
Report Pattern
We will submit report and analysis data.
Quantitative Analysis of Gene Expression
We determine target genes and internal standard genes ( house-keeping genes & so on). We reverse-transcribe entrusted RNA samples and analyze them with real-time PCR. We correct level of between the samples and report more correct expression of target genes as relative values
- Quantitation Method of real-time PCR -
When performing quantitation by real-time PCR, level of expression of the target genes is calculated out based on the Cycle Threshold (Ct Value). When comparing level of mRNA expression of target genes between the samples, we amplify target genes by real-time PCR and obtain Ct Value, then undergo comparative quantitation. It is a premise for performing correct quantitation. that cell number of samples are the same, efficiency of extraction and reverse-transcription of RNA is the same and sample RNA has to be amplified by the same efficiency. However, it is difficult to satisfy all conditions actually, so we correct the level of expression between the samples based on the quantified values of in-house standard genes( Relative Quantitation).
It is possible to undergo analysis under either condition by raw samples ( tissues and cells ), total RNA and cDNA.
We use resultful LightCycler® and reagents of Roche Diagnostics K.K..
Application by Quantitative Analysis of Gene Expression
We have constructed the type of analysis specific to Alternative splicing Variant besides general quantitation analysis.
As an example, following is the explanation for construction of specific detection system of VEGF121 which is the Alternative Splicing Variant of human VEGF-A. Below scheme shows exons which constitute Alternative Splicing Variant.
Result of construction of the type of detection system specific to VEGF121.
Exon Number
Electrophoresis of PCR products
 1   M M:Molar Weight

   specific PCR
Multiple Alternative Splicing Variant are existing in human VEGF-A and multiple of them are expressed in mixed state depending on different tissues. For this reason, it is necessary to design primers in the region specific to VEGF121 in order to detect it specifically.
Thus, we can design the system to detect VEGF121 specifically under these special conditions.
You can use it for the purposes other than the above.
· Confirmation of Efficacy of RNAi
· Confirmation of level of gene expression obtained from DNA microarray.
· Confirmation of gene expression of knock-out mouse.
Detection Principle
Detection method can be chosen from Intercalater( SYBRGreen I)Method, HybProbe Method and Hydrolyzed Probe method.
Principle of Intercalater( SYBRGreen I)Method.Principle of HybProbe Method.
Conditions of Submission
MaterialsWay of MailingSend-out Volume
TissueFrozen strage(DRY ICE)about 20mg
BloodPlease consult us in advance. 
Cultured CellFrozen strage(DRY ICE)more than 1 x 105cells
Parafine segmentCold strage(4℃)more than 5 pcs. of 5µm thick
TotalRNAFrozen strage(DRY ICE)more than 5µL
(concentration more than 500ng/µL)
cDNAFrozen strage(DRY ICE)more than 20µL
Report Pattern
We submit report, analysis( corrected values according to in-house standard genes).
RNA Extraction · DNA Extraction · Synthesis of cDNA
We will provide you with various Genome DNA、Total RNA、cDNA of high purity from various biological samples.
Samples are tissues, cultured cells, blood, serum, feces, paraffin segment, plant, and bacteria so on.
We are happy to undertake extraction from other samples than above.
Extracted products can be used for real-time PCR and microarray.
Send-out Volume
Sample TypeSend-out Volume
tissue *150mg - 100mg
cells *21 x 107cells
Total RNA *3more than 5µg
Concentration: more than 100ng/µL

*1 Please freeze the tissues immediately after collection or treat with preservative reagents.
*2 Wash cells with PBS and eliminate the supernatant, then freeze it immediately in liquid nitrogen in pellet state.
*3 Please send the samples after confirming the quality by electrophoresis.

Report Pattern
Measured data of concentration, retio, Picture of GEL Electrophoresis
DNA Case::TE Buffer solution more than 50µg
Total RNA Extraction :RNase free Aqueous Solution more than20µg
cDNA Synthesis:: Reverse-transcribed products of otal RNA 1µg

* Total RNA will be delivered in frozen state and DNA and cDNA in cold storage(4℃).
* We cannot supply you with those samples in case those are to be used by our contracted service.
* Volume of delivery depends on type of samples.
Please inquire beforehand in case you wish to receive desired volume.

You can see methods of sending-out samples from here.
Preparation of Artificial Genes · Induction of Mutation
In order to obtain unique proteins, it is necessary to substitute and delete amino acids by inducing mutation into multiple sites.
Artificial Genes
No samples is required to send out.
Induction of Mutation
Please send samples which will become Template.
Please inquire us for kinds of samples and needed volume.
Style of Delivery
Report, Plasmid Solution(Total Volume 5µg guaranteed), Sequence Results(Waveform, Text Sequence)
* We perform sequencing of both chains and deliver the completely matched products.
  • In case we prepare entire length of sequences artificially using long chain oligonucletiodes synthesized by our company, it will become artificial gene. Possible length of sequences to prepare is more than 150bp. Please inquire us for the length of sequences for ordering.
  • In case we substitute, insert and delete a part of bases based on samples as Template, it will become induction of mutation.
  • We deliver prepared genes by cloning to pUC118 vector.
We undergo quantity tuning of prepared plasmid. Please inquire if desired.
Preparation of Expression Vector
We insert target genes into desired expression vector and prepare the product. We supply inserted genes after confirming the base sequences.
Please consult us as we can prepare artificial genes even if it’s difficult to get Template.
Samples to be sent to us.
Template for preparation of genes (1 positive kind).
cDNA: volume of one synthesis of cDNA type synthesis which is commonly used(one tube of more than 20µL of liquid concentrate))
DNA:30µL by 10ng/µL
Plasmid:30µL by 1ng/µL
Information on mailing samples (including sequence information)
Please fill in the "Information on mailing samples" which will be sent at the time of receiving application and send it to us.
Style of Delivery
* We perform sequencing of both strands and deliver the completely matched products.
  • Please send plasmid samples of which sequences are confirmed without fail.
    Please consult us in case of other samples.
  • We undergo quantity tuning of prepared plasmid. Please inquire if desired.
You can see methods of sending-out from here.
Sequence Analysis
We will provide you with rapid and accurate Sequence Analysis Service.
Basic α Course
We will decide sequences with DNA Template and Primers sent to us.
Guaranty of Decoding 500 base sequences.
Please select from the followings regarding primers.
  1. Send out primers in different container from Template.
  2. We will synthesize primers.
Advance Course
We decide long base sequences by primer Walking Method.
Please select single-stranded or double-stranded analysis.
Report Pattern
Base Sequences(Text File), Waveform File
* We attach result of analysis with mail8 ( Condensed to ZIP format )
  • We recommend more than OPC purification grade for primers to be used for sequence analysis.
    ( If unpurified grade, good analysis results may not be obtained)
  • If purification of samples is not enough, good analysis results may not be obtained due to contamination of salt, proteins and impurities, so please purify samples good enough.
  • There is a case that good results cannot be gained due to primer sequences(low Tm value, dimes are formed so on).
You can see methods of sending-out samples and sample volume from here.
Browsing method of Waveform File is from here.
HPV Gene Test
About Cervical Cancer
Cervical cancer is increasing rapidly in 20's-30's.
  • Cervical cancer has high occurrence frequency next to breast cancer in gynecology.
  • Uterus cancer has cervical cancer develops at uterine cervix and uterine corpus cancer develops at uterus mucosa of uterus corpus.
  • There is almost no subjective symptom in cervical cancer, so it is frequently delayed to find it.
  • Occurrence frequency of cervical cancer is increasing year by year and 8,500 Japanese women develop it yearly in gynecology field, and it is reported that about 2,400 die every year.
(National Cancer Center , Centers for Cancer Control and Information Services)
Cervical cancer is mainly caused by infection of high-risk type human papilloma virus(HPV).
  • High-risk type HPV is a temporary infection in many cases and it will be eliminated naturally in many cases,
  • however it may cause cervical cancer if infection lasts for a long period.
  • Not only a special people get infected to HPV but it' a very common virus that a lot of women get infected during course of life.
  • There are about 15 kinds of high-risk type HPV, and HPV 16 and 18 are the most frequently found type among them in cervical cancer.
(Onuki M et al.:Cancer Sci100(7):1312-1316, 2009)
Characteristics of HPV-DNA Test(DPO™Method)
Past DNA Test of HPV is the screening of high-risk type and low-risk type HPV.
We think it's important to distinguish HPV 16 and 18 which have high risk of cervical cancer from high-risk type HPV and therefore we are undergoing HPV Gene Test which can perform single detection of HPV 16 and 18 as well as HPV-DNA Test(DPO™Method) to enable simultaneous screening of high-risk type and low-risk type HPV.
Genotyping of HPV16 and 18, Screening of 16 kinds of high-risk HPV, Screening of 2 kinds of low-risk type HPV

Test Pattern Example
12345678 910111213141516
Hight Risk Type Excluding HPV18 and HPV16
HPV6 or HPV11
Avian and Swine Influenza A type Gene Test
We constructed protection system from infection in virus gene test and are performing the tests.
Protection system from Infection
We detect simultaneously by one reaction seasonal Influenza A-type(H1N1) for Avian & Swine Influenza A-type Gene Test, seasonal Influenza A-type(H3N2), Avian Influenza A-type(H5N1) and Swine Influenza A-type(H1N1). We also determine RNaseP Genes for confirmation of conditions of collecting samples.
Characteristics of the Tests
  • We detect 4 kinds of influenza simultaneously such as seasonal Influenza A-type(H1N1) , seasonal Influenza A-type(H3N2), Avian Influenza A-type(H5N1) and Swine Influenza A-type(H1N1).We detect 4 kinds of influenza simultaneously such as seasonal Influenza A-type(H1N1) , seasonal Influenza A-type(H3N2), Avian Influenza A-type(H5N1) and Swine Influenza A-type(H1N1).
  • Determination of RNaseP Genes for confirmation of conditions of collecting samples.
  • Confirmation of simultaneous infection of different subtype influenza.
 Test Pattern Examples
1234 5678 9101112 13141516 1718
Influenza A-Type
Common FluA
Swine influenza
Avian influenza
Seasonal Influenza Russian Type
Human H1
Seasonal Influenza Hong Kong Type
Human H3
Human RNaseP Genes
ApoE Genotyping Analysis
Apolipoprotein E (ApoE) plays an important role in metabolism of plasma lipoprotein. There are 3 kinds of isoform of ApoE protein such as E2, E3 and E4. These isofoms have different Arg(CGC)or Cys(TGC) at codon 112 and 158. Three kinds of isoforms coming out from 3 kinds of alleles E2, E3 and E4 have combination of 6 kinds of different genotypes.
(homozygous genotypes : E2/E2, E3/E3, E4/E4, heterozygous genotypes : E2/E3, E2/E4, E3/E4)
It is known that these genotypes have relation with risks of cardiac diseases and Alzheimer disease. It is reported that ApoE4 is related to major risk factors of Alzheimer disease and cardiac diseases and ApoE2 is related to III-type hyperlipoproteinemia
Electrophoresis Pictures

M:ApoE Marker 1 - 7:Clinical Samples N: Negative Control
Other Services
DNA analysis of food
Breed Identification Test of kinds of Meat & so on.