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Recruiting Information
At the moment, we are not recruiting any personnel.
Handling of personal information on recruiting activities
We, NGRL will use and manage personal information of all applicants in a proper manner as mentioned below. Please confirm the following points before applying job to our company.
1.What is personal information
Personal information is the information relating to individuals with which one can identify the person by name, birth date, address, telephone No., Fax No. E-Mail address and images and so on.

2.Purpose of collecting personal information
For sending information on recruitment exam, reply to inquiries and information materials, we are asking your name, birth date, address, Tel No., Fax No. E-Mail address, educational record, job history, reward and punishment, licenses, diploma & transcript, and health certificate so on. Please be reminded that we may not be able to send reply and information materials if contact information is written incompletely such as address, Tel No.

3.Submission of personal information
It is not compulsory to submit your personal information but it is thoroughly based on voluntary will, however if not submitted the same, please be reminded that we may not be able to perform appropriate examination.

4.Handling of personal information
Please be reminded that we will not return a set of document submitted to us from you as a general rule. Within one month after examination whether applicants should be employed or not, all personal information relating to the unemployed applicants will be deleted. Please be reminded that the personal information of applicants accepted for employment will be registered as personnel information of the company.

5.Deposit of personal information to outside body
We will not deposit your personal information to any outside body.

6.Disclosure of personal information to 3rd party
We will not provide your personal information to any 3rd party, however there is an exception if there is a rightful reason for disclosure based on laws and ordinances.

7.Correction and deletion of personal information
You can ask for correction and deletion of personal information submitted to us. If you wish to correct or delete your personal information itself, please contact the following Contact Information. We would like to confirm identification of yourself for pursuing this procedure.

Contact Information
Nihon Gene Research Laboratories, Inc. Administration Department TEL: +81-22-388-9741