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CEO NGRL is a venture company originating from Tohoku University. It was founded in March 1994 as a R&D research laboratory looking into true nature of life phenomenon from gene research. Since our foundation, we have been putting our efforts in performing services for our customers such as chromosome · FISH testing, DNA · RNA and siRNA synthesis and quantitative analysis of genes, and as the result of those experiences, we have come so far as to line up gene research products. It was found that accumulation efficiency of abnormal cells would be enhanced if our recent development of metaphase division inhibitor (NSA-1, patent pending) was used. Based on this technology as a platform, we are aiming at a leader in safety testing of chromosome such as iPS cells · ES cells · strained cells. In the field of organic synthesis such as DNA · RNA , we have been researching for many years how to suppress dissolution of mRNA. In August 2010, we succeeded to develop a reagent to enable storage of RNA for longer period at 4℃. It is expected that this reagent is capable of storing RNA in room temperature( patent pending). This RNA storing reagent as a platform, we are considering various applications such as ssRNA Standard to be used for quantification of genes as well as total RNA for precision control of real-time PCR. Thus, based on many of your support, results of development have become visible now. We sincerely wish your continued support to us and also hope your utilization of our technologies.
Representative Director and Director of Laboratory, Kan-ich Nakagawara
Outline of the Company
Address 1-5-28 Nakano Miyagino-ku Sendai-shi Miyagi-ken, 983-0013, Japan
EstablishmentMarch 1994
Capital49 Million Yen
Representative Director:Kan-ichi Nakagawara
Employee30 persons/ male 18, female 12
Scientific AdviserYoshiyuki Kawazoe
Professor of Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University
Scientific AdviserAtsuo Kasuya
Professor Emeritus of Tohoku University
Corporate History
March1994 Established R&D Company( Bio Venture originating from Tohoku University).
1st Director of Research Lab. Takuji Takeuchi ( Professor Emeritus of Tohoku University).
April1994Registered the laboratory as Sendai Clinical Laboratory( chromosome · genetic testing).
Started subcontracting of chromosome and genetic testing.
April1995Started DNA · RNA synthesis in the filed of organic synthesis.
December1995Licensed from Roche Diagnostics GmbH for manufacturing and marketing of Digoxigenin (Dig) label.
January19962nd Director of Laboratory, Kan-ichi Nakagawara.
Research History
April1996Started Subcontracting Service for FISH Chromosome mapping.
April1998Development of Salt Free Oligo® DNA.
August1999Development of FISH probe by commissioned research fund.
Started implementing Multi-color FISH for all kinds of blood diseases.
September1999Licensed by Roche Diagnostics GmbH for manufacturing and marketing of LightCycler®Red label.
Entered into an alliance with Roche Disgnostics GmbH in order to form platform for LightCycler® and MagNA Pure and launched application laboratory for LightCycler®.
October1999Started services for animal chromosome analysis.
Development of metaphase division inhibitor(NSA prototype).
June2000Reading Project of sea squirt genome, cooperation for sea squirt chromosome analysis.
September2002Development of chromosome analysis software( compatible to Windows 2000).
October2002Started sales of primer probe set for LightCycler® in Japan.
May2003Registered trade mark of Salt Free Oligo®.
March2004Started chromosome analysis service for knockout mouse ES cells.
May2004Concluded Cooperative Agreement with US Air Force Research Laboratory.
June2004Constructed general control system of chromosome.
January2005Started synthesis service for siRNA.
March2005Licensed PCR Technology from F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.
Licensed RT and RT-PCR Technology from F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.
Licensed 5' Nuclease Technology from F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.
Licensed Intercalation Technology from F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.
April2005Started quantitative analysis of genetic expression by LightCycler®.
Started subcontracting of genotyping analysis by LightCycler®.
January2006Licensed from Roche Diagnostics GmbH for manufacturing and marketing of primer probe set for LightCycler® in Japan, Korea, China and Malaysia.
June2006Licensed from Biosearch Technologies, Inc. for manufacturing and marketing of Black Hole Quencher (BHQ).
Licensed from GE Healthcare Biosciences Corp. for manufacturing and marketing of CyDye labeled products.
September2006Development of metaphase division inhibitor (NSA).
January2007oncluded subcontracting agreement of Nucleic Acid purification for Nimblegen micro array with Roche Diagnostics GmbH.
July2007Licensed from Carnegie Institution for manufacturing and marketing of RNA synthesized products for RNAi.
June2008Licensed from Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. for manufacturing and marketing of IVD products.
November2008JMCoE related IVD products, started sales of CMV determination reagent.
January2009JMCoE related IVD products, started sales of EBV determination reagent.
February2009Started chromosome analysis service for iPS cells of human, mouse and rat.
September2009Registered Poisonous Material Importer (Registered Number: 00006).
Registered as Clinical Research Laboratory in Sendai (added microbiological testing).
Started subcontracting of HPV genetic testing.
November2009Started subcontracting of genetic testing of new-type influenza.
February2010Started support business from Tohoku Economics Federation.
July2010Construction of genetic testing control system.
September2010Patent applied for Primer Stabilizer.
Patent Application for Total RNA Stabilizer.
Patent Application for ssRNA Stabilizer.
Business Outline
1) Manufacturing and Sales of Products
Manufacturing and sales of research (RUO) kits for real-time PCR.
Manufacturing and sales of genetic research reagents.
(Patent applied for RNA stabilizers and other products by the support of Tohoku Economics Federation)
2) DNA · RNA synthesis service
Manufacturing and sales of DNA · RNA synthesized products such as chemiluminescence · luminescence · Fe & Others.
3) Chromosome analysis service
Chromosome testing such as congenital abnormality · leukemia · amnion liquid.
Chromosome safety testing such as iPS cells · ES cells.
4) Genetic analysis service
HPV genetic testing, A-type genetic testing of Avian · swine influenza in the diagnostics field.
DNA extraction·sequence analysis · synthetic gene manufacturing · quantitative analysis of genetic expressions.
5) LightCycler® Applications Service
Optimization of LightCycler®, LightCycler®480, MagNaPure(purification system) and designs for real-time PCR.
6) Subcontracting service for numerical simulation
Brand Slogan
Top Quality Creates New Value
We always pursue high-quality products and services
Research History
1975 - 1991Engineering Official of National Nishi-Taga Hospital, Ministry of Health & Welfare
1977 - 1991Intractable diseases Research Team, Ministry of Health & Welfare( Sofue Team).
( genetic research of muscular dystrophy)
1985 - 1988Faculty of Science, Tohoku University ( Professor, Takuji Takeuchi)
(Gene mapping of mouse tyrosinase)
1991 - 20041st Medical Science Course of Medical Department, Tohoku University( Professor, Hiroshi Okamoto).
(Research on CD38 gene and regulation of expression of reg gene)
  Served as a guest professor in Tohoku University
Winning Awards
1985Awarded Shiota Prize of Ministry of Health & Welfare by "Research on muscular dystrophy".