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Animal Chromsome
We have the certified teaching professional and clinical cytogenetics of The Japan Society of Human Genetics.
iPS Cell · ES Cell Karyotype Test
Induced pluripotent stem cells is the cell that possesses pluripotency and self-renewal capability via division growth and is able to sustain the cells. It was produced in 2006 for the first time in the world by the group of Professor Shinya Yamanaka, Kyoto University.
It has made a great step forward to the realization of generative medicine without immune rejection by the success of establishing iPS cells. However, problems and tasks are left behind, it is cancerous change of cells. The cause of this is considered that oncogene cMyc is used for establishment of iPS cells and retrovirus used for gene transfer induces genes into random sites of chromosome which causes mutation and it makes easy to cause activation of endogenous carcinogenic genes. It becomes important to undergo Karyotype Test as one of the methods to find those abnormalities.
Chromosome analysis of iPS cells, ES cells and cell lines are possible to undergo to animals ( mouse, rat, pig and cattle)other than human.
Human iPS Cell Mouse iPS Cell Rat iPS Cell Mouse ES Cell
Human iPS CellMouse iPS CellRat iPS Cell Mouse ES Cell
Human iPS cells Karyotype Test
Human ES cells Karyotype Test
* There is restriction on conditions of submission, so please ask for information.
Mouse iPS cells Karyotype Test
Mouse ES cells Karyotype Test
Rat iPS cells Karyotype Test
Rat ES cells Karyotype Test
Cell Line Karyotype Test (generative medicine-related)
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Conditions of Submission
Pig and cattle are added to Karyotype test of iPS cells and ES cells.
Pig iPS cells Karyotype Test
Pig ES cells Karyotype Test
Cattle iPS cells Karyotype Test
Cattle ES cells Karyotype Test
FISH Analysis
FISH (Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization) has characteristics to enable, by detecting the regions hybridized with probes with fluorescent dyes such as Cy3, Cy3.5, Cy5, Spectram green, Spectram orange, Spectram aqua, FITC, detection of deletion of minute chromosome sites which is not possible to detect by determination of unknown chromosome , G differential staining and high-precision differential staining.
Human iPS Cell M-FISH
Mouse iPS Cell
Mouse ES Cell
MM Set
It is reported in Society for Myeloma Study that chromosome aberration found in Multiple Myeloma is useful as a risk factor for patients.
 ( FGFR3 / IgH, IgH / MAF, p53, IgH / BCL2, D13S319 )
FISH using other desired BAC clones.
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List of Parameters ( Introduction of Tests)
Animal Chromosome
We perform chromosome analysis for animals other than mouse and rats ( experimental animal).
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Chromosome Test
Chromosome test is one of the diagnostics tests. We undergo entrusted testing with wide range of test samples.
List of Parameters
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